SQL With statement to return list of Months with date range

With temporary named result set, known as a common table expression (CTE). More information regarding With can be found from the link below

I have a function that accept a start date and end date and return a list of months

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[FN_Utility_GetMonths](@startDate DateTime, @EndDate DateTime)
RETURNS @Months table (MonthYear nvarchar(25),StartDate DateTime)
;With [Months] as
select StartDate = @startDate
where @startDate <= @endDate
union all
select dateadd(month, 1, StartDate)
from [Months] M –iterate through each row to get month benefit
where dateadd(Month, 1, StartDate) <= @endDate
select CONVERT(VARCHAR(3),StartDate,0) + '-' + RIGHT(0+YEAR(StartDate),2)
from [Months]
option (maxrecursion 0)


The function can be used against a list of rows from a table to break down start date and end date into range of months splitting for example cost information evenly using Apply statement
Refer to the following post for more details


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