SQL Get Financial Year (April to March)

The following query will return the financial year starting April to March

YEAR(DATEADD(Month,-((DATEPART(Month,StartDate)+8) %12),StartDate))

SELECT YEAR(DATEADD(Month,-((DATEPART(Month,’2014-03-31′)+8) %12),’2014-03-31′))
SELECT YEAR(DATEADD(Month,-((DATEPART(Month,’2014-04-01′)+8) %12),’2014-04-01′))
SELECT YEAR(DATEADD(Month,-((DATEPART(Month,’2014-12-31′)+8) %12),’2014-12-31′))
SELECT YEAR(DATEADD(Month,-((DATEPART(Month,’2015-03-31′)+8) %12),’2015-03-31′))
SELECT YEAR(DATEADD(Month,-((DATEPART(Month,’2015-04-01′)+8) %12),’2015-04-01′))

The results are




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