CSS to update display of items in SharePoint List View with alternating colour

The list view display of items in a SharePoint List can be updated to have alternating row colour and border set by using CSS.


To test the snippet below, edit the page displaying the list items and add a content editor WebPart. Copy and paste the CSS snippet into the content editor WebPart.

<style type=”text/css” unselectable=”on”>
/* ——- Set Alternating Rows ——- */
/* ——- Set background for every row ——- */
.ms-listviewtable > tbody > tr {
background: white;
/* ——- Set border for every row ——- */
.ms-listviewtable > tbody > tr td{
border-bottom: 1px dotted black !important; /* !important needed over override SharePoint inline style */
/* ——- Set background for every alternating row ——- */
.ms-listviewtable > tbody > tr.ms-alternating {
background: lightgrey


After saving the CSS, the list view is transformed into alternating coloured row with dotted border bottom.



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