JSOM SharePoint Online Create Term with custom shared and local properties

The sp.Taxonomy.js can be used to create a term in the taxonomy store. I wanted to create Shared Custom properties on the term. However the JavaScript library on MSDN  mentions only  the method setLocalCustomProperty which creates or updates a local custom property.

The SetCustomProperty is mentioned in MSDN to use in CSOM managed code to create or update shared custom property on a term. There is a lack of documentation how to use the method in JSOM.  Following the convention of method name in JavaScript ,i.e. camelCase , I called the  method on a term object in JavaScript and it worked.


The JSOM code below provides a UI to specify the term to create. To test the code, copy and paste the code into a JavaScript file, upload the JavaScript file into the site and reference the JavaScript file from a Content Editor WebPart.


When the button “Create Term” is clicked, the term is created with the shared and local custom property.




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