SharePoint JSOM to update Document ID Settings

The Document ID Service feature is useful to tag unique Id to documents across site collection to make it easier to retrieve. A prefix can be specified to use when the unique Id is generated.

The document id settings is stored in the web property bag “docid_settings_ui” after the feature the activated.

The web property bag can be updated using JSOM to assign a prefix with XML snippet like below.

var docIdValue = ‘<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-16″?><DocIdUiSettings xmlns:xsi=”; xmlns:xsd=””&gt; <Prefix>’ + docIDPrefix + ‘</Prefix> <AssignmentEnabled>true</AssignmentEnabled></DocIdUiSettings>’

webProperties.set_item(“docid_settings_ui”, docIdValue);

The full script can be copied from below and tested in a content editor web part.

After the script is loaded on a content editor webpart, the [Site Collection URL] and [Doc ID Prefix] needs to be filled before clicking on “Configure Doc ID Settings”.


If successful, the message will appear.


Navigate to site settings> Document ID Settings to verify the prefix